A dietary supplement that works at the cellular level? We’ll drink to that.

Before Celevate became Celevate, the Company came to us with the opportunity to create the name, visual identity and packaging for their new dietary supplement drink. In order to begin this process, we first needed to identify and articulate their purpose to ensure that what we created would connect with a specific consumer segment on a deeper level beyond functional product benefits. Through conversations with leadership the purpose surfaced relatively quickly—they exist to help optimize the function of both body and mind in order to create true wellness for consumers.

celevate can renders in three flavores

From this, we landed on the name for the drink, Celevate, a mashup of “cell” and “elevate,” meant to communicate a sense of elevated personal health through improved cellular function. The logo and packaging are designed to speak to the product benefits within the context of a purposeful company dedicated to personal performance through optimal wellness.

celevate logos
orange can render of mandarin orange flavor celevate
yellow can render of lemon ginger flavor celevate
purple can render of elderberry bliss flavor celevate
celevate website design and development visual layout
celevate website design and development visual layout on desktop, laptop, mobile, and tablet