Sweet Chocolate with a Sweeter Mission.

Tony’s chocolonely puts their purpose into every chocolate bar.


Unwrap a Tony’s chocolonely bar and you’ll notice that it’s divided into unequal pieces. They don’t do that to be quirky — they do it because they’re raising awareness of the inequality in the chocolate industry.

Currently, modern slavery and illegal child labor are preventing cocoa farming families in West Africa from the future they deserve. While many big chocolate companies are profiting greatly from their work, cocoa farmers are left with an unequal piece of the profits.

That’s why Tony’s is doing what they can to create 100% slave-free chocolate worldwide.

Not only does Tony’s work directly with cocoa farmers to create a fairer and more rewarding supply chain system, they promote their mission with every chocolate bar. They say that they’ll continue to have unequal chocolate pieces until cocoa farmers get a more equal piece of the profits.

By designing their chocolate bars with their mission in mind, Tony’s proves that sometimes the best way to tell your brand’s story is right on your product.