Purpose Collides.

Recently we attended Collision HQ – America’s fastest-growing tech conference, which was held in our great city for its final year.

Aside from feeling like we were in an episode of Silicon Valley, there was one thing we were sure of after leaving that conference—from cryptocurrency to virtual reality, from New York to India – each and every one of the Collision attendees were clear on their purpose. No matter what part of the world they came from or what business sector they were in, these progressive companies all were able to clearly articulate their reason for being in a way that was compelling and consumable. Because we’re nerds about this stuff, while having conversations with these brilliant minds about their ideas and their businesses, it was easy for us to see where the purpose lived. For some it was through the intricacies of the technology, while for others it was a more fundamental human or emotional approach to solving problems. And that was truly inspiring.

A few highlights included Actress Sophia Bush’s inspirational panel discussing the #MeToo movement and the innovative programs that are in place to end sexual harassment in the workplace. Also, Damon Wayans Jr.’s App, Special Guest, that allows anyone, anywhere to hire live entertainment on demand. “We created this App with one goal in mind: To allow entertainers to make a living by doing what they love,” says Wayans Jr. Sounds pretty purpose-driven to us.

And it wasn’t all celebrities, there were hundreds of startups, all hungry to use their innovative technology (many driven by their purpose) to make the world better. A few of note are InResponse Health, a universal medical ID Blockchain that gives patients the power back, ultimately enabling them to have more control of their medical records; Rise Housing, a company trying to tokenize real estate so that everyone can access equity in the market.

To see some of the most brilliant minds in tech join forces to share their knowledge for the greater good was inspiring. Collision HQ is headed to Toronto next year, so if you want a taste of the purpose-driven future of business, we recommend you check it out.