Working Remote: Why it Works for Us.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. As marketers, we’re hardly authorities on the topic of mental health, but we can share one great success when it comes to employee well-being – working remotely.

What started as a forced experiment for all of us has turned out to be a better way to work for our team, offering true flexibility and a much better work/life balance. We know a lot of companies are beginning to shift back to an in-person approach, but for us, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.

  1. Enhanced Well-Being: Remote work has proven to be a boon for work/life balance, giving each of us the freedom to better manage our personal and professional lives. From eliminating commuting time to minimizing the guilt associated with dealing with personal matters on company time, the autonomy and trust has reduced friction and enhanced overall well-being. A McKinsey & Company report that 87% of respondents believed remote work had a positive impact on their quality of life, a number we can vouch for from our own personal experience.
  2. Boosting Productivity: Contrary to common misconceptions, remote work has been a boon for productivity. The absence of office distractions and the ability to create personalized work environments allows us to focus on the tasks at hand, resulting in increased efficiency. Full disclosure, we do maintain a brick-and-mortar presence, but in-person work has become the exception, not the rule, and job satisfaction and well-being have never been better. A study conducted by Stanford University found that remote workers experienced a 13% performance increase, primarily due to fewer breaks and fewer sick days. This boost in productivity further strengthens the argument for the continuation of remote work.
  3. Attracting Top Talent: This is a big one for us. We now have team members located in 5 states and several of them would never have found their way to a New Orleans based agency without the flexibility of remote work. Our ability to tap into the national pool of highly skilled talent has strengthened an already talented roster, and working alongside exceptional coworkers has been a tremendous boost to morale.
  4. Commitment to Gender Equality: Embracing the changing nature of the modern workplace has also expanded opportunities and roles for women at Trumpet – allowing them to thrive both personally and professionally. Our location agnostic approach reduces the dissonance between work/home responsibilities, allowing female employees to be physically and emotionally available to their loved ones without sacrificing their careers.
  5. Reducing Environmental Impact: We’re not sure if this falls under improved mental health, but anything that helps the planet, helps our peace of mind. With fewer employees commuting to the office, there is a significant reduction in carbon emissions and traffic congestion. If working remotely helps us contribute to a greener future, that makes us feel even better about what we do.

As Mental Health Awareness Month reminds us, achieving a healthy work/life balance is crucial for our well-being. Remote work has emerged as a transformative solution for us, empowering our team members to prioritize their mental health while maintaining