Limitless and Free: How AI’s Influence on Content Creation is Good for Brands with an Actual Point of View.

Imagine the not so far-off future – Spring 2024.

Imagine the not so far-off future – Spring 2024. AI is now an integral tool in your content creation toolbox. And the world of thought leadership is experiencing an era of abundance. Through the gift of AI, long form content is suddenly limitless and virtually free, and we can all sound like experts on whatever topic is important to us at the click of a button.

A whole creative vertical is eliminated by the rise of the AI machine. Businesses who used to plow hundreds of man-hours into content creation can delegate this once-critical component of their marketing strategy to the intern.

Freed from shoveling coal into the social media furnaces of thought leadership, life within your company begins to come alive again as your thought leaders get back to doing actual work instead of pontificating about what they do in an effort to rise a few rungs in organic search rankings.

In an era where this content is commoditized, the race to rise in search rankings is really a race to the bottom in terms of standing for anything original. Much like the way the disposable nature of fast-fashion sparked a movement towards fewer, better things in our closets, the promise of AI-generated content is actually a great thing for purpose-driven brands who stand for something.

SEO-driven content that is truly innovative and positions a brand as a true thought leader, is and will always be costly. It takes time to articulate unique insights and opinions within an area of expertise, but with the coming of age of tools like ChatGPT, brands who aren’t concerned with actual thought leadership, but see content simply as an SEO play can now spew an endless stream of blog posts with the push of a button. And the insidious thing is, for companies that believe “good enough” is good enough, having an AI tool write clickbait content that sounds correct but truly isn’t offering anything unique or purposeful may sadly become the norm.

There is no shortcut to being a purpose-built brand.  Brands who have done the work to know what they stand for and why that matters will find their experiences in even higher demand. People will always want to hear the opinions of experts. And in a world where surface-level expertise is a button click away, articulating a thoughtful point of view will be truly differentiating.

So here’s to the hearkening of a new “AI-inspired creative revolution.” May ChatGPT and all the other tools coming online free us up to get back to doing what matters the most – connecting with our audiences in real and meaningful ways.  And when you’re ready to get back to doing that, we’re here to help.