Not Your Average Cup of Joe.

Nespresso gives customers a good cup of coffee — and an even better story.

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To be a Believable Brand, you can’t just sell a product that people like. You have to sell your story and give people something to believe in — not just something to buy.

Nespresso is doing just that.

They don’t just focus on their coffee products, they focus on their quest for better coffee — and the people, places and things that go into making it happen. Turns out, it’s less about the coffee beans and more about the farmers that bring them to life.

While we’ve seen George Clooney attest to the superiority of a cup of Nespresso coffee, we’re now seeing him spread their message of sustainability. It’s believable because it is something they have always been committed to, even if they weren’t always speaking to it. From the sustainability advisory board they founded over five years ago to the recycled coffee pods today, they’re giving customers good reasons to buy what they’re brewing.