Can Branding Align a Business?

In the B2B marketing space, you can design a client the most beautiful website in the world, but unless you master how to articulate the client’s brand, even the best website won’t work.

So, in the case of high-touch, customer-focused commercial insurance brand Gillis, Ellis & Baker (GEB), we had to nail down their brand before we could build the website they needed. What was the belief aligning their marketing and operations? How could that belief be translated digitally to generate sales leads?

Our GEB brand design work led us to this central belief: By working with GEB’s talented staff, businesses can take the risks necessary to be successful. It’s not insurance that keeps your business from losing everything, but insurance that frees you to accomplish anything. GEB’s marketing investment and sales activities can align behind this newly defined, purposeful brand belief – and the entirely new website that followed – to work better together, yielding more revenue with less friction.

People can use whatever words they want to define their brand. The belief we articulated for GEB wasn’t an invention. The belief has always been there – we just had to draw it out. Now the task is to mobilize it in the marketplace to establish mutually beneficial relationships between GEB and new clients.

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