Festival Lovers


Festival Lovers

Finely tuned branding and marketing helped move the needle from 10,000 attendees to more than 100,000 for this music festival.

For more than 10 years, Trumpet collaborated with Rehage Entertainment to move the Voodoo Music Experience from an idea to an annual must-see event. From first-year sales of 18,000 tickets on a rainy weekend, Voodoo has grown into a three-day, multifaceted experience that consistently includes some of the top performers in the country, unique product participation and sales in excess of 100,000 tickets.

We designed a trademark, credentials, stage scrims, sponsorship sales presentations, merchandise, posters and online and offline advertising, and in do so we exponentially increased the value of Voodoo—an event that Billboard magazine now recognizes as one of the top live music festivals in the United States.

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